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Assistant professor (2005 – 2013) 
                 Associated Professor (2013 – till date)

Address: Physics Department, Razi University, Kermanshah 67149, Iran

Place of Birth:
Tehran, IRAN

Data of Birth: 09/06/1973

Email: (=AT)


Academic Qualification

  • BS:  Physics (Isfahan University of Technology, 1995).

  • MSc:  Physics ( Sh.Chamran University,1999 ).

  • M.Sc. Thesis Title:  Investigation on the influenve of lead and the annealing time on the properties of BSCCO.

  • PhD:  Physics ( Shiraz University,2005 ).

  • Ph.D. Thesis Title:  Calculation of the energy and other properties of the Muonic Helium atoms.

List of Publications

  • 1. Studies on muonic dynamics of liquid D-T-H in dt-muon muonic- molecule resonance formation and its comparison with a D-T system, Can.J.Phys 80,1099(2002).

  • 2. Calculation of the ground state hyperfine structure for muonic helium atoms with the use of some local properties of the wave functions, Modern Physics Lett.B19, No.17(2005).

  • 3. Calculation of the ground state energy and average distance between particles for the non-symmetric muonic He atom, Phys.Rev.A72, 012505(2005).

  • 4. Calculation of the ground state energy and studies of other properties of exotic helium atoms with the use of boundary condition of wave function, Int.J.Quantum Chem.101,320(2005).

  • 5. A solution of the DGLAP equation for gluon distribution as a function of F_2 and dF_2/dlnQ^2 at low-x. The Next to Leading order analysis, Chin.Phys.Lett.23,No.2,324(2006).

  • 6. Calculation of the exponent lambda based on the behavior of steeply rising gluon distribution function at low-x, Acta.Phys.Slovaca,56,No.4,463(2006).

  • 7. Calculation of longitudinal structure function by Regge- like behavior of gluon distribution function at low-x, Chin.Phys.Lett.24,No.5,1187(2007).

  • 8. The approximation method for calculation the exponents of the gluon distribution- λg and the structure function- λS at low x in the next to leading order analysis, Phys.Atom.Nucl. 71, No.6, 1077(2008).

  • 9. Solutions of independent DGLAP evolution equations for the gluon distribution and singlet structure functions in the next-to-leading order analysis at low x. JETP,106,No.4, 700(2008).

  • 10. Analytical Solutions for the Reduced Cross Section and its Derivatives at Low x based on gluon and structure function Exponents, Lithuanian Journal of Physics, 48, No.2, 121(2008).

  • 11. Analytical approach for the approximate solution of the longitudinal structure function with respect to the GLR-MQ equation at small x, Phys. Lett. B692, 247 (2010).

  • 12. Calculation of Energy and Other Properties of Muonic Helium Atom Using Boundary Conditions of Wave Function, Commun. Theor. Phys. 54 ,518 (2010).

  • 13. Determination of the charged pion form factor and coupling constant for Q^2=0.6-1.6 GeV^2 and Q^2 =2.45 GeV^2, IJTP, 14,3,1-8(2011).

  • 14. Muonic atom formation using the two-state approximation in different energy regions, Phys. Scr. 84, 045704 (2011).

  • 15. Analytic approach to the approximate solution of the independent DGLAP evolution equations with respect to the hard-Pomeron behavior, JETP, 112, No. 3, 381 (2011).

  • 16. Analytical solution of the longitudinal structure function FL in the leading and next-to-leading-order analysis at low x with respect to Laguerre polynomials method, Nucl. Phys. A857, 42 (2011).

  • 17. NLO corrections to the hard Pomeron behavior of the charm structure functions F_c^k (k = 2, L) at low-x, Nucl. Phys. B857, 143 (2012).

  • 18. The ratio of the charm structure functions at low-x in DIS with respect to the expansion method, JETP142, 3(9), 1 (2012).

  • 19. An analysis of the proton structure function from the gluon distribution function, Phys. Scr. 86, 015101 (2012).

  • 20. The predictions of the charm structure function exponents behavior at low x in deep inelastic scattering, Eur. Phys. Lett., 100, 41001 (2012).

  • 21. Analysis of the proton longitudinal structure function from the gluon distribution function, Eur. Phys. J. C72, 2221 (2012).

  • 22. Longitudinal structure function F_L from charm structure function F_2^C, Commun.Theor.Phys.59, 462 (2013).

  • 23. Decoupling of the DGLAP evolution equations at next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) at low-x, Eur. Phys. J.C73, 2412 (2013).

  • 24. The capture of negative muon by hydrogen atoms in excited states using the two-state approximation, Int.J.modern phys E 22, 1350063(2013).

  • 25- The static properties and form factors of the deuteron using the different forms of Wood-Saxon potential, J Theor Appl Phys8, 203(2014) .

  • 26- تعيين بازده و آهنگ چرخه همجوشي درسيستم كاتاليزور ميوني با استفاده از روش مونت –كارلو، بيتا رضايي، جواد كمندي ارسال شده جهت داوري به مجله ي پژوهش فيزيك (2015).

Presentation in Conferences

  • 1. First regional conference on magnetic and superconducting materials 27-30 september 1999, Tehran, IRAN.

  • 2. Iranian Annual Physics Conference, 27-30 August 2001, sabzevar.

  • 3. Iranian Annual Physics Conference, 25-28 August 2003, Tabriz.

  • 4. Annual Nuvlear Conference of IRAN, Boshehr 2004.

  • 5. Iranian Annual Physics Conference, Khoramabad 2005.

  • 6. XIII International Conference "Selected Problems of Modern Theoretical Physics", 23-27 June, 2008, Dubna, Russia.

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