Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

Surname: Mahdiuni

First name: Hamid

Gender:  Male

Marital Status: Married

Nationality:  Iranian

Date of birth: 21/03/1974

Place of Birth: Kermanshah- Iran

Contact Details:

Address: Department of Biology, Razi University, Kermanshah, I.R. of Iran

Phone: Work: +98(83) - 34274545,     Fax: +98(83) - 34274545








Sep 2001- Oct 2008



University of Tehran


Sep 1998- Sep 2001



University of Tehran


Sep 1994-Sep 1998



Razi University


Technical Skills and Experience:

   Chemistry techniques including:

     1) Organic compounds synthesis

     2) Interpretation of 1H-NMR spectra

     3) Interpretation of mass spectra

   Biochemical techniques including:

     1) Protein extraction and purification

     2) Enzyme assays

     3)SDS-PAGE and western blotting

     4) Chromatography (ion exchange, gel filtration, HPLC)

   Biophysical techniques including:

     1) Construction of artificial lipid bilayer membranes

     2) Reconstitution of ion channel proteins in artificial membranes

     3) Patch-clamp and voltage-clamp techniques for determination of ion channel activity

Computer Skills:

     1) Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,...)

     2)Molecular dynamic simulations by Gromacs package

     3) Protein docking using AutoDock program

     4) Bioinformatics softwares, DNA and protein sequence analysis

PhD Research Projects Oct 2002- 2008:

Investigation of interaction between novel anti-TB derivatives of 1, 3, 4- thiadiazoles and artificial membranes. In this investigation, considering the importance of the process of antibacterial drug uptake by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the way the agents enter the cell, we have studied the effects of novel antituberculosis thiadiazole derivatives on artificial lipid bilayers by voltage clamp technique.In addition, the effect of propyl and ethyl ester derivatives on the well characterized OmpF (Outer membrane protein F) channel reconstituted in artificial bilayers studied at molecular level. Finally, in order to understand events at molecular level, we have carried out molecular dynamic simulations of POPC (1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-phosphatidylcholine) bilayers containing methyl and propyl ester thiadiazoles.

Courses Taught:

     1) Advanced topics in protein structure (PhD, Biochemistry)

     2) Advanced topics in carbohydrates and lipids (PhD, Biochemistry)

     3) Design of enzyme’s inhibitors (PhD, Biochemistry)

     4) Membrane biochemistry (MSc, Biochemistry)

     5) Enzymology (MSc, Biochemistry

     6) Enzyme kinetics (MSc, Biochemistry)

     7) Cell biophysics (MSc, Cellular and molecular biology)


     1) American Biophysical Society

     2) Iranian Biochemical Society

Research Interests:

     1) Ion channels as drug targets

     2) Molecular dynamics simulations

     3) Protein docking

     4) Design of peptide and peptide-like inhibitors for protein targets

Lab Members:

     1) Pouraghajan, K.             (PhD, Biochemistry)

     2) Jangholi, A.                    (MSc, Biochemistry)

     3) Talandashti, R.               (BSc, Cell and Molecular Biology)


Reading books and journals, watching scientific documentaries, playing soccer, and mountain climbing

Publications and presentations: (in reverse chronological order)


   Published papers:

[1] N. Bijari, S. Ghobadi, H. Mahdiuni, R. Khodarahmi, and S. A. Ghadami. 2015. “Spectroscopic and molecular modeling studies on binding of dorzolamide to bovine and human carbonic anhydrase II”. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 80, 189-199.

[2] M. Haddad-Zahmatkesh, S. J. Hosseinimehr, and H. Mahdiuni. 2014. “Role of CHK2 inhibitors in the cellular responses to ionizing radiation”. Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, 14, 812-818.

[3] S. Heidari, H. Akrami, R. Gharaei, A. Jalili, H. Mahdiuni, and E. Golezar. 2014. “Anti­tumor activity of Ferulago angulata Boiss. extract in gastric cancer cell line via induction of apoptosis”. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 13, 1335-1345.

[4] F. Jalali, P. Doraji, and H. Mahdiuni. 2014. “Binding of the neuroleptic drug, gabapentin, to bovine serum albumin: Insights from experimental and computational studies”. Journal of Luminescence, 148, 347-352.

[5] H. Mahdiuni, N. Bijari, M. Varzandian, S. A. Ghadami, M. Khazaei, M. R. Nikbakht and R. Khodarahmi. 2013. “Appraisal of sildenafil binding on the structure and promiscuous esterase activity of native and histidine-modified forms of carbonic anhydrase II”. Biophysical Chemistry, 175, 1-16.

[6] S. Mirzaaghaei, H. Akrami, H. Asadi, K. Mansouri and H. Mahdiuni. 2012. “Ferula gummosa flower and leaf extracts inhibit angiogenesis in-vitro”. Indian Journal of Cancer, In Press.

[7] H. Mahdiuni, H. Mobasheri, A., Shafiee and A. Foroumadi. 2008. “Effects of novel antituberculosis agents on OmpF channel activity”. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 376, 174-179.

   Poster presentations:

[8] M. Varzandian and H. Mahdiuni. 2012. “Increased distance of His 64 from Trp 5, major reason of increased fluorescence intensity of human carbonic anhydrase II in complex with topiramate: a molecular dynamics simulation study”. 17th National & 5th International Iranian Biology Conference, September 4th -6th Kerman, Iran.

[9] M. Haddad, M.Varzandian and H. Mahdiuni. 2012. “Molecular dynamics simulation of human carbonic anhydrase II in complex with sulfonamide drug of furosemide”. 17th National & 5th International Iranian Biology Conference, September 4th -6th Kerman, Iran.

[10] M. Amiri, H. Fallahi and H. Mahdiuni. 2011 “Isolation of several proteases and α-amylase from Bacillussubtilise ATCC1254”. 12th Iranian Congress of Biochemistry & 4th International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, September 6th-9th Mashhad, Iran.

[11] S. Heidari, H. Akrami and H. Mahdiuni. 2011 “Study of chemopreventive activity of eyhanolic extract of Ferulagoangulata leaves”. 12th Iranian Congress of Biochemistry & 4th International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, September 6th-9th Mashhad, Iran.

[12] H. Mahdiuni and E. Golezar. 2011 “Identification and determination of antioxidant activity of Ferulagoangulata extract by FRAP, DPPH and CAA assay”. 11th Iranian Congress of Biochemistry, February 8th-10thGhazvin, Iran.

[13] H. Mahdiuni, A. Foroumadi, H. Mobasheri and A. Shafiee. 2005 “Determination of the incorporation of 2,5- disubstitued- 1,3,4-thiadiazole anti tuberculosis agents into artificial bilayer lipid membrane”. 15th IUPAB & 5th EBSA International Biophysics Congress, August 27th – September 1st Montpellier, France.

[14] H. Mahdiuni, H. Hoda,M. Soudi, F. Jalilvand and M. Nemat-Gorgani. 2001. “Optimization of Glucose Oxidase Synthesis in Submerged Cultures of Aspergillus Niger”. 6th Congress on Biochemistry, October 22-25. Tehran, Iran.


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