Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, Assistant Professor of Physics
    Personal Information
    Date & Place of birth: 10 Auguest, 1966, Kermanshah, Iran
    Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Razi University, Kermanshah
    Iran, Postal Code: 6714967346
    Phones: +98-8334274556
    Emails: &
    Academic Qualifications
    B. Sc., Department of Physics, Razi University, 1988
    M. Sc., Department of Physics, Razi University, 1995
    Ph. D., Department of Physics, Razi University, 2010
   Ph. D. Thesis Title: Investigation of electronic properties of Nanotubes
    and Nanoribbons
    Fields of Interests
   Structural and Electronic Properties of Nanomaterials, Low dimensional systems
B. Sc. & M. Sc. Courses
     Fundamentals of Physics 1, 2, 3
     Modern Physics
     Heat & Thermodynamic
     Statistical Physics
     Analytical Mechanics
     Mathematical Methods For Physics
     Solid State Physics
     Semiconductor Devices
     Specials Topics
     Physics Labs
    M. Sc. Graduated Students under my supervision
    1-Mojde Fatahi, Thesis title:  “study of structural and electronics properties of
     ZnO one and   two layers” (2013).
2- Sara Noroozi, Thesis title:  “Study of the SiB armchair nanotubes (12, 12) @ (8, 8)” (2014).
3- Behzad Alizade, Thesis title:  “Study of ZnS and other structures in bulk and nano forms” (2015).
4- Sheida Fakhri, Thesis title : “Structural and electronic properties of SiB monolayer” (2015).
5- Moein Ashabi), Thesis title: “Electronic properties of two dimensional systems such as graphene and graphone” (2015). (Co-Supervisor).
6- Narges Mohamadi Roozbhani, Thesis title : “Electrical conductivity of graphene and two layer of BN by tight binding model” (2015). (Co-Supervisor )
7- Reihane Gholamzade, (Logrolling Hamze Mousavi), Thesis title: “Electrical conductivity of graphene, zigzag carbon and BN nanotubes” (2015). (Co-Supervisor)
8-Hamid Reza Kazemi, Thesis title: “Structural and electronic properties of mono layer and two layer of MoS2” (2015).
9- Ali Fatahi, Thesis title: “Investigation of structural and electronic properties of zigzag Si nanotubes” (2016).
10- Kobra Mahmoodi, Thesis title: “Investigation of monolayer and two layer of GaN”, (2016).
     11- Sepide Arghavani, Thesis title: ”Investigation of structural, electronic and
      magnetic properties of graphene, with and without adsorped gases” (2016).
     12-Maryam Ghartape, Thesis title: “Study of PbO structures in monolayr and
     two layer with and without vacancy”, (2016).
ISI Journal Publications & Conference Proceedings
1-Ali Fathalian, RostamMoradian, Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, AB Initio Density Functional Theory Investigation of structural and electronic properties of ZnO Bundles,Modern Physics Letters B, Vol. 24, No. 31 (2010) 2997- 3003.
2-Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, Structural and Electronic Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanostructurs Via Density Functional Theory, DAV Internatinal Journal Of Science, Vol. 4, Issue 4, August 2015, ISSN: 2277-5641.
3-Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, “Study of electronic properties of graphene nanoribbons with adsorption N2 and O2 gases”,Annual Advanced International School on Low Dimensional Systems, 25-26  May 2015, Research Institute for Applied Physics & Astronomy,   University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.
4-Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, H. Mousavi, M. Ashabi,Study of graphene, graphane and graphone by tight binding model and Green’s function approach”. First national conference on nano physics and metamaterial 22 October 2015, IPM, Tehran, Iran.
5-Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, S. Amjadian, H. Kazemi,Investigation of electronic and structural properties of MoS2 nanostructures,6th International Conference on
Nanostructures (ICNS6) 7-10 March 2016, Kish Island, Iran.
6- Hamze Mousavi, Moein Ashabi, Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, “Electronic properties of zigzag graphene nanoribbons in different widths”,22nd IPM Physics Spring Conference, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Tehran, Iran, May 20-21, 2016 (30-31 Ordibehesht 1394).
7- Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, K. Mahmoodi, M. Ashabi, “Electronic properties of monolayer GaN and effects of absorbtion of O2 gas on it”,Annual Advanced International School on Low Dimensional Systems, 24-25 May2016, Research Institute for Applied Physics & Astronomy,   University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.
8-Shahdokht Sohrabi Sani, “Structural and electronic Properties of ZnO Nanostructures via Density Functional Theory, International Conference of Science and Engineering, 1 December 2015, DUBAI, UAE
9-Sheida Fakhri, Shahsokht Sohrabi Sani, Investigation of SiB monolayer with B and Si vacancies via Density Functional Theory.12th Conference on Condenced Matter, Isfahan
University of Technology, 28-29 January 2015.
    Computer Skills
    Operating System: Windows, Linux.
     Software: MSWord, MSExcel, Matlab, Wien2k, Quantum Espersso.
    Programming Language: Fortran, Q Basic.
    Languages: Persian: Native (Fluent), English: Good.

Last Modified: April 2016

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