Ali Naghi Mirmoayedi

Professor Department of plant protection
College of Agriculture
Razi University

Address: Department of plant protection,Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

Emails: (=AT)


Personal Information

  • Name:  Ali Naghi

  • Surname:  Mirmoayedi

  • Date of Birth:  11th April 1946

  • Place of Birth:  Lahidjan, Guilan Province, North of Iran.

  • marital state:  Married

Educational Records

  • • Ph.D.:  Paul Sabatier University ,Toulouse.France 1977.

  • • M.Sc.:  Entomology ,Bioecology of insects and its applications.Toulouse.France 1975.

  • • A.E.A.:  Animal Biology Piere & Marie Curie Paris 1974.

  • • B.Sc.:  Beheshti University.Teheran.1972.

Academic Experiences

  •  BSc courses taught since 1977:

  • • Animal Biology

  • • General Biology

  • • Cell & Molecular Biology

  • • Evolution

  • • Biology of Parasites

  • • Invertebrate Zoology

  • • Zoology

  • • Elementary Entomology , and Pest Eradication

  • • Pests of plants

  • • Principles of Insect Classification

  • • Entomology

  • • Pests of fruit trees

  • • Toxicology

  • • Plant pests

  • • Insect Classification

  • MSc students courses taught since 1977:

  • • Biology of insects

  • • Principle of animal classifications

  • • Insect Physiology

  • • Insect Classification

  • taught since 2011:

  • • International code of Zoological Nomenclature

  • • Advanced Insect Physiology

Professional memberships

    • • Agronomy & Plant breeding Society of Iran.

    • • Russian Entomological Society.

    • • Ukrainian Entomological Society.

    • • Austrian Entomology Society.

    • • International Society of Neuropterology

Reasearch Interests

    • • Insect Classification , with emphasis on Neuropterans.

    • • Breeding of lacewings.

    • • Ecology,Breeding of Myrmeleontidae

    • • Biological and integrated pest Control .


    • May 2006:
      Distinguished Researcher of College of Agriculture of Razi University for the year 2006.

    • May 2007:
      Distinguished Researcher of the Department of Plant Protection of Razi University for the year 2007.

    • May 2012:
      Distinguished Researcher of the Department of Plant Protection of Razi University for the year 2012.

Supervisor for MSc.thesis

      1. Yassayie ,Abulfazl.1999.Collection and identification of Neuropteran fauna of the Golestan national park.56figures and 22 Color photos. 

      2. Hemmati,Zahra.2001.Ecology and taxonomy of cavernicolous bats in mid Zagros 217 pages with .52 figuress,10 tables.

      3. Marzbany,Rassoul.1997.Biological control of Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella Hb. Pests of dried fruits pistachio,walnut and almond , by the use of Bacillus thuringiensis.p.117.

      4-Zorofi,Azam,2002.recognition and Classification of benthic macroinvertebrates in relation to environmrental factors in river gharasou. 179pages.with 14 figures and 18 photos.

      5- Eradati,Naiemeh,2010.Faunistic Study of fauna of Neuroptera(Insecta,Neuropterida)in Uromiya, Khoy and Salmas cities of West Azerbaijan province.115 pages,dissertation date June 2010.

      6- Rezaei Nahad,Abulghassem, 2010. Faunistic study of Neuropteran in Hamedan province.94pages. dissertation date September 2010.

      7-Assadi,Mohammad,2010.Identification of Neuroptera fauna from Islamabad gharb and Sarepolzahab cities in Kermanshah province,83 Pages. dissertation date December 2010.

      8-Mohammadi,Mehdi,2010. Faunistic study of Neuropteran from central and northern part of Fars province.76 pages. dissertation date December 2010 .

      9-Sharifian,Tahereh,2011.Faunistic study of Neuroptera in towns of Kermanshah,Ghasre-shirin,Guilangharb and Srepol-zahab in Kermnshah province.171 pages. dissertation date July 2011.

      10-Ghiyasi,Mehrdad,2011.Determination ofg phoretic, parasitic and predatory mites associated with sucker pests and borer pests in Hamedan orchards.89 pages. dissertation date December 2011.

      11-Marami, Sahar,2012. Study of genetic diversity in some collected species of Chrysopidae family in Kermanshah and Tehran provinces. 117 Pages, dissertation date February 2012.

      12-Pani,Semira,2012.Study of genetic diversity of some of species of the family Myrmeleontidae collected in different locations of Fars and Kermanshah provinces by use of RAPD. 95 Pages, dissertation date February 2012.

      13- Pishehvar, Shahram.2012. Study on prostigmatid mites biodiversity of nut fruit trees in Hamedan province.

      14- Firuzfar, Amin 2012. Study of species diversity of super family Raphignathoidea mites in Rijab area.

      15- Rashidikhah, Fatemeh : Comparsion of sequences of genes of CO I‚ mtDNA of some species of Myrmeleontidae‚ Ascalaphidae‚ Chrysopidae families in Shoush and Dezful cities in Khuzestan province. Dissertation defendend at Feb.2013.

      16- Yavari, Somayeh, 2014 : Study cohorts of Raphignathina mites collected from fruits trees in Kangavar. Dissertation defended October 2014.

      17- Zamani, Hoda 2014 : Comparison between sequences of mitochondrial Cytochrome Oxidase I, of some species of Neuropteran families Nemopteridae,Chrysopidae, Ascalaphidae and Myrmeleontidae collected from different cities in Kurdistan province. Thesis dissertation defense date- February 2014.

      18- Janati, Soran, 2015: Study of genetic relationship among some insect orders of Kurdistan province by use of Cytochrome Oxidase I (COI) gene .Dissertation defended 17-January2015.

List of papers published in journals

  • -Mirmoayedi.A.1998.Neuroptera of Iran.Acta Zoologica Fennica 209.163-5.

  • -Mirmoayedi.A., Zakharenko.A.V.,Krivokhatsky.V.A.& Yassayie .A. 1998.K Faune Setchatokril(Insecta , Neuroptera) Nasionalnyie parka Golestan e Provinsi Kermanshakh (Iran )in Russian language with English summary.Izvestia Kharkovskogo Entomologiecheskoe Obshestva 1998.tome VI.Vol 2.(1999) p 53-46.

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  • -Marzbany . R. ,Bayat Assadi.H. &Mirmoayedi.A 2001.Comparative assessment of some biological characteristics of Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella Hb.(Lep.Pyralidae) on pistachio, walnut in laboratory.Journal of Entomological Society of Iran.Vol 20(2).71-79.

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  • -Mirmoayedi.A 2003( b).Description of the third stage larva of Cueta lineosa Rambur 1842.(Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae) rearing for the first time in Iran.Khark.Ent.Soc.Gazett.2002(2003)Vol.X.issue 1-2.p122-123.

  • -Thierry.D,Canard.M & Mirmoayedi.A 2004.Chrysoperla mutata (Mac Lachlan 1898 ) : looking at alive adult , description of it's larva and some bioecological remarks (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) Entomofauna ,Zeitschrift fuer Entomologie. Band 25.Heft 23: 345-356.

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  • -Rahimi,A.,A.Mirmoayedi.2013.Evaluation of morphological characteristics of honey bee Apis mellifera meda (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Mazandaran (North of Iran). Technical Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences Available online at ©2013 TJEAS Journal-2013-3-13/1280-1284 ,ISSN 2051-0853 ©2013 TJEAS

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Full papers in national and international Congresses

  • 1-Mirmoayedi.A 2001a. Release of eggs and larvae of Chrysoperla carnea for control of eggs and nymphs of cotton's spiny bollworm (Earias insulana) .Proceedings of the 2nd Irano-Russia Agricultural and natural resources Conference p4-8 .Published by Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy(MTTA) 1-2 Feb.2001.Moscow.Russia .

  • 2-Mirmoayedi.A 2001b.Species of Neuropterans collected during the years 1999-2000 in different locations of Iran.Proc.10th Iran.Biology.Conf.3-5 Sep.2000.P.50-57.Shiraz Univ,Shiraz.Iran.

  • 3-Ghiassi,M., Mirmoayedi,M., Khanjani,M., 2012. Introducing phytoseid mites in Hamedan orchards. First international Biology congress in Kyrgyzstan,24-27 Sep.2012.Kyrgyzstan Turkey Manas University, Faculty of Science,Biology Dep. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Papers published in proceedings of national and international Congresses

  • 1. Mirmoayedi.A & Kharazi Pakdel.A.1993.Laboratory rearing of Chrysoperla carnea and Chrysopa septempunctata (Neuroptera,Chrysopidae)Proc.11th plant protection Congress of Iran.28Aug-2 Sep.1993 Univ.Guilan.Rasht.p 267.

  • 2. Mirmoayedi.A 1993.Collection and identification of Neuropteran species belonging to the families Chrysopidae and Hemerobiidae captured in different regions of the state Kermanshah in Iran. Proc.11th plant protection Congress of Iran.28Aug-2 Sep.1993 Univ.Guilan.rasht.p 268.

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  • 8. Marzbany.R.& Mirmoayedi.A 1995 Evaluation of the effectiveness of three dried fruits ; Pistachio, walnut and Almond on larval and pupal life duration ,and adult fertility in the Indian meal moth (Plodia interpunctella) Proc. Of the 6th Iran.Biology.Conf.25-27 Aug- Sep.1997.P.117.Kerman University.,Kerman .Iran

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Research projects final reports

  • 1-Mirmoayedi ,A 1996. Release of eggs and larvae of Chrysoperla carnea (Neuroptera,Chrysopidae) for the control of nymphs of cotton's leafhopper Empoasca decipiens and the eggs of cotton spinyworm Earias insulana (1995-96)

  • 2-Mirmoayedi ,A 2003. Collection and identification of the Neuropteran fauna of Iran(1991-2002)

  • 3-Mirmoayedi ,A 2005 .The effect of different temperatures on the rearing of the green lacewing (Chrysoperla mutata(MacLachlan 1898)captured from wheat fields in Kermanshah ,Iran.(2004-2005)

  • 4- Mirmoayedi ,A 2005 .A survey on the fauna of green lacewings of the sugar beet plantations in Kermanshah, Sahna and Islamabad (2004-2005)

  • 5- Mirmoayedi ,A 2006 . The effect of different concentrations of Diazinon on the relrelease of Chrysoperla lucasina , and control of the Cotton horny worm Earias insulana .

  • 6-Mirmoayedi ,A 2006.The impact of the using three insecticides ; Delthamethrin,Sevin 80%, Endosulfan and Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt-H) and release of green lacewing Chrysoperla lucasina on control of Corn earworm ,Heliothis armigera.

  • 7-Mirmoayedi ,A & M.Maniee 2007. Final Report of the Scientific project”Evaluation of the impact of the use of three quantities of cow’s manure on the growth , fauna of insects and pests of the Borage; (Borago officinalis L.) in Kermanshah.

  • 8- Mirmoayedi ,A, Bahraminejad,S., 2009.The effect of three kinds of insecticides; Spinosad,Decis and sevin on control of Chickpea pod worm Heliothis armigera(Lepidoptera,Noctuidae).

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