Mohsen Oveisy Moakhar
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Mohsen Oveisy Moakhar, Research Geophysicist , Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran
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Work experience:
.2000 to present : Geophysics Group, Physics department, Razi University

.PHD, Geophysics ( Paleomagnetic method) , Lulea University of Technology, Lulea , Sweden
.MSC, Geophysics ( Electrical methods ) , Institute of Geophysics, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
.Bsc, Physics ( Practical optics ) , Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman , Iran

Published Papers
1-     M. O. Moakhar , S. A . Elming. A palaeomagnetic analysis of rapakivi intrusions and related dykes in the Fennoscandian Shield, Physics and chemistry of the Earth , part A :Solid Earth and Geodesy , volume 25, Issue 5, 2000, Pages 489- 494
 2 - Sten Ake Elming, Mohsen Oveisy Moakhar and Olof  Martinsson, A palaeomagnetic and geochemical study of  basic intrusions in northern Sweden, GFF, Volume 126, Issue 2, June, 2004, Pages:243-252.

3 - Oveisy Moakhar, M., Study of fractured structure of Sarab Ghanbar at south of Kermanshah city using GPR method. Iranian Journal of Geophysics, Vol. 1, No. 1. 2007.
4 - Movahedi, M., and Oveisy Moakhar, M. Application of linear inversion method in determining the parameters of isolated magnetic sources, Iranian Journal of Geophysics, Vol. 2, No. 1. 2008.

5 - Oveisy Moakhar, M., Magnetic and ground penetrating radar methods to detect shallow ancient underground cavities at Ghasr E Shirin town in the southwest of Iran, Journal of the Earth and  space physics, Vol. 34,No. 34, No. 2, 2008.
6 - Oveisy Moakhar, Shahnazari Aval, H., and Ghasemi, V.,  Identification of the Sahneh buried fault using magnetic and VLF methods, Journal of the Earth and space physics, Vol. 34,No. 34, No. 2, 2008.

7 - S.A.Elming, M.O.Moakhar, P.Layer and F.Donadini, Uplift deduced from remanent magnetization of a proterozoic basic dykes  and the baked country rock in the Hoting area, central Sweden : a paleomagnetic and 40 Ar/ 39Ar study, Geophysical Journal International, Volume, 179, Issue 1, October 2009, Pages: 59-78
8 - Gholghasi, A., Zomorodian, H., Ovaisi, M.M., and Saeidi S.K.M., Estimating depth and model type due finite step, thin and thick dikes using the continous wavelt transform, Journal of the Earth and space physics, Vol.35, No.3, 2010.
9 - M. Mozaffari, Y . Hadadian, A.Aftabi , M.Oveisy Moakhar. The effect of cobalt substitution on magnetic hardening of magnetite, Journal of Magnetic Materials, Volume 354, March 2014, Pages 19-124.
10- I have two accepted papers in Jokoll journal of Icland geological society which are in queue for publishing. The titles of the papers are:
A)Water leak detection in metal and plastic built pipes using ground penetration radar( GPR)
B)An analysis of signals in metal pipes in terms of water leak detection 
The courses I taught for  different level of higher education.
Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermodynamics, Waves, Geophysics and Seismology
Geomagnetism , Paleomagnetism, Geomagnetic exploration , Gravity, Seismic , Geoelectric and mathematics for Geophysicist
Paleomagnetism and Geomagnetic exploration

Research interests
I am specialist in paleomagnetic methods for geological application ( Plate tectonic and paleogeography). I also work on  the other Geophysics methods such as Geomagnetic exploration, Magnetotelluric method , Geoelectrical methods and VLF ( very low frequency ) . 

I have done many Geophysics project with different Geophysical methods for govermental and private sectors. Some of these projects are as follows:
1- Application of Ground Penetrating Radar for invetigating the fractures in the Masjed Soleiman dam , Ministry of water resources and energy
2- Baghat iron ore mine study by magnetic method at north of Bandar Abbas city in Iran, Private sector.
3- Ivestigation of natural bitumen by Dipole-Dipole and Schlumberger methods at Gilan gharb region in south west of Kermanshah province in Iran, private sector. 
4- Studing Sarab Ghanbar region in soth west of Kermanshah city by VLF  , Geoelectric and GPR methods, Ministry of water resources and energy.  

Msc Theses
I have had ca 30 MSC students in geomagnetic and paleomagnetic methods. Some of their thesis are as follows:
1- Eigenvector analysis of gravity gradient tensor to locate geologic bodies, written by Koyrosh Karimi
2- The study of enviromental pollution by magnetic susceptibility measurement of soil in Kermanshah area, written by Parisa Karami
3- Influence of measurement conditions on depth range and resolution of GPR images, written by Nasrin Faramarzi
4- Upward continuation method and its software designing in windows media, written by Abbas Majidi

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