Name : Hamid Reza Rafiee  Ph.D

Physical Chemistry (Thermodynamics) Assistant Professor

Date of Birth : 1965

Marital Status : Married

Address : Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Razi University, Kermanshah 67149, Iran

Emails: ☻=@, ☺=DOT
Email: rafieehryahoocom



B.Sc.: Chemistry, TarbiatMoalemUniversity, Tehran, Iran (1989)

M.Sc.: Physical Chemistry, FerdowsiUniversity, Mashad, Iran (1992)

Ph.D : Physical Chemistry (Thermodynamics) Shiraz University, Iran (2005)

Title of M.Sc. thesis:

Study of the correlation of carbonyl group frequency and acidic strength for

some of carboxylic acids in infinite dilution by FT-IR spectroscopy


Title of Ph.D thesis:

1) Corresponding-states correlations for the surface tension of metals

   and hydrocarbons.

2) Cubic Equations of State and density prediction of hydrocarbons.

3) Investigation of the Formation of THF Clathrate Hydrate by DSC.


Courses Passed during M.Sc and Ph.D program:



1) Advanced Physical Chemistry

2) Advanced Organic Chemistry

3) Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

4) Advanced Chemical Kinetics

5) Physical Inorganic Chemistry

6) Mathematical methods in Physics

7) Statistical Thermodynamics

8) Quantum Chemistry

9) Modern Spectroscopy




1) Statistical Thermodynamics І

2) Statistical Thermodynamics ІІ

3) Advanced Chemical Kinetics

4) X-ray diffraction

5) Classical Thermodynamics




An introduction to phase equilibria, 2007,  Kurdistan University Press, Sanandaj, Iran




1) F. Milani-hejad, H.R.Rafiee “On the behavior of deuterio analogues of some carboxylic acids in heavy water and correlation between their carbonyl stretching frequencies and the acidic strengths at infinite dilution”, J. Sc. I .R .Iran  vol 6, No. 4,  235-241 (1995)

2) H.R. Rafiee, A. Boushehri, “A general equation for the surface tension of metals based on the law of corresponding-states” High Temp.- High Press. vol 34, No. 4,  393-400 (2002)

3) ) H.R. Rafiee , A. Zarnegarzadeh, A. Boushehri,“Corresponding-States Correlations for the surface tension of hydrocarbons” High Temp. –High Press. Vol 35/36 , 559-566  (2006)

4) R. Sadeghi, H.R. Rafiee, M. Motamedi, Phase Equilibrium in aqueous two-phase systems, Themochim. Acta, Vol 451, 163-167(2006).

5) H.R. Rafiee, N. Heidari,  Calculation of the Viscosity and Diffusion Coefficient for some binary gaseous mixtures using the semi-empirical inversion method, Journal of the Korean Chemical Society, Vol 55, No. 4, 581-589(2011)

6) H. R. Rafiee, M. Rastgar, N. Heidari, Calculation of the Viscosity and Diffusion Coefficient for two binary gaseous mixtures by using the semi-empirical inversion method, Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol 24, No. 4, 412-418(2011)


7)H. R. Rafiee, S. Ranjbar, F. Poursalman,  Densities and viscosities of binary and ternary mixtures of cyclohexanone,1,4-dioxane and isooctane from T= (288.15 to 313.15) K

Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 54, 266-271(2012).

8) M. Feyzi, A. Hasankhani , H.R. Rafiee, Preparation and characterization of Cs/Al/Fe3O4 nanocatalyst for  biodiesel production, Energy Conversion and Management, 71, 62-68 (2013)

9) M. Feyzi,H.R. Rafiee, S. Ranjbar, F. Jafari, B. Safari,  Preparation and Characterization of V/TiO2 nanocatalyst with magnetic    nucleus of iron, Material Research Bulletin, 48, 4844-4849 (2013)

10)H. R. Rafiee, Investigation of the formation of THF clathrate hydrate by differential scanning calorimetry,DSC, Research and Application of Material 1,56-60 (2013)

  11) H. R. Rafiee, M. Feyzi,F. Jafari,  B. Safari, Preparation and Characterization of Promoted Fe-V/SiO2Nanocatalysts for Oxidation of Alcohols, Journal of Chemistry, vol 2013,1-10.

12) M. Feyzi, L. Nowrouzi, H.R. Rafiee, Kinetic Study on the Cs𝑋H3−𝑋PW12O40/Fe-SiO2  Nanocatalyst for Biodiesel Production

The Scientific World Journal, 2013, 1-8.

13) M. Feyzi, H.R. Rafiee, F. Jafari,  Preparation and Characterization of Fe-V/TiO2-SiO2 Nanocatalyst Modified by Zinc, Bulletin of Material Science, 37,1-8(2014).

  14) M.T. Zafarani-Moattar, F. Frouzesh, H.R. Rafiee, The study of volumetric, acoustic and transport properties of ionic liquid,  1-butyl-3-methyl imidazolium Chloride [Bmim][Cl] in aqueous lithium bromide solutions at T = (298.15 to 318.15) K, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 376,40-47(2014

Work Experiences and skills:


1) Teaching of physical, quantum and general chemistry courses to undergraduate students since 1992.

2)  Teaching of Advanced Physical Chemistry, Advanced Quantum chemistry and Advanced Kinetics and Special Topics to graduate

 students (M.Sc and Ph.D students).

    3) Presenting experimental physical chemistry I, II laboratories.

    4) Working with FT-IR, NMR, UV,XRD and DSC instruments.


Workshops and Seminars:


1) Nanotechnology and Nanoscience workshop, September 2004, Halifax, Canada

2) Investigation of the Formation of THF Clathrate Hydrate by DSC; 9th Iranian Physical Chemistry Seminar, November 2005, Mashad, Iran

3) Calculation of transport properties for the some binary mixtures of light hydrocarbons using the semi-empirical inversion method, SICC, December 2007, Singapore.

4) Calculation of transport properties for two binary gaseous mixtures using semi-empirical inversion method, Annual Research Seminars, Razi University,Kermanshah,  December 2010.

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