Personal Information:
Ahmad Gharzi
Mobile: 09163670397
Telephone Home: 08334276607
Educational Background:
Bsc in Biology, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran
MSc in Animal Biology. Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
Ph.D in Histology and Embryology: University of Durham, Durham, UK
Master thesis: Study of lizards fauna of Sabzevar region, eastern Iran
Ph.D Dissertation: Dermal and Epidermal cell functions in the growth and regeneration of hair follicles and other skin appendages.

Scientific Positions:
1. Academic staff of Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, (1991-1993)
2. Academic staff of Lorestan University, Khorramabad, (1998-2014)
3. Academic staff of Razi University, (2014-Now)

Master and Doctorate Theses Supervision:
1. Morphology and Histology of Urogenital system in Iran’s cave fish. (Ali Ebrahimi Bagheban, MS, 2005)
2. The fish fauna of Beydovaz river, Northen Khorasan. (Zahra Soltani, MS, 2005)
3. Biosystematics of some Amphipoda (crustacean) in Lorestan rivers. (Rohollah Amraei, MS, 2001)
4. Cartilage differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow of NMRI mice (Leila Taghiyar, MS, 2006)
5. Biology of reproduction in the forest’s Frog from Golestan province (Alireza pesarakloo, MS, 2009)
6. Determination of age in two species of amphibia and study of spermatogenesis in the marsh’s frog. (Sedigeh Ashkavandi, MS, 2007)
7. Spermatogenesis in two sympatric species of Laudakia genus. (Nasrin Heidari, MS, 2006)
8. Anatomy and histology of vomeronasal organ in two species of snakes. (Parisa Yusefi, MS, 2010)
9. A study to investigate the urogenital system of the salamander, Neuregus kaiseri. (Masomeh Amiri, MS, 2009)
10. Deleterious effects of the saw-scaled viper of liver and lung of Melopsitacus undulates. ( Ameneh Nazari, MS, 2010)
11. A Biosystematic study of lizards from southeast of kermanshah and urogenital system of Acanthodactylus boskinus. (Afsaneh Yari, MS, 2010)
12. Morphometric study of scorpions from Lorestan Province. (Alireza Afsahi, MS, 2011)
13. A biosystematic study of lizards of different regions of Kurdistan province. (Zahed Bahmani, MS, 2011)
14. A biosystematic study of lizard fauna of eastern parts of Lorestan Province. (Zahra Aghaei, MS, 2011)
15. A biosystematic study on the bat, Rhinopoma microphyllum, in iran using morphoassay and molecular methods. (Shiva Bagherfard, MS, 2011)
16. Genetic variation of Bufo viridis in some geographic regions of Iran. (Maryam Abolfathi, MS, 2011)
17. Genetic variation of Cyrtopodion scabrum and biosystematic study of lizards from Ilam. (Nasrin Feili, MS, 2011)
18. Biosystematic fauna of lizards from Sarpool Zehab region. (Jahanbakhsh Abdoli, MS, 2011)
19. A study to investigate some of biological and behavioral aspects of the golden Eagle living in lorestan provinve. (Fahimeh Amiri, MS, 2012)
20. Histological study of some internal organs of a Cyprinid fish living in Sezar River (Sepiddpasht). (Tahereh Asadi, MS. 2013)
21. Reproductive cycle of a Cyprinid fish living in Sezar River. (Sahar Safaeipoor, MS, 2013)
22. Phytochemical evaluation and biological properties of Capparis spinose and Citrullus colocynthis. (Hanieh Rashedi, MS, 2014)
23. Systematic and ecological study of the lizards from south and southwest of Namak Lake. (Hossein Nabizadeh, MS, 2015)
24. A study of the effect of methanolic extracts Satureja khuzestanica and Satureja rechingeri on skin wound healing in mice. (Halimeh Sahraei, MS, 2015)
25. Assessment of methanolic extract of Daphne macronata on Rat's skin wound healing. (Katia Jazayeri, MS, 2015)
26. A comparative study of morphometric characteristics of scorpions living in arid regions of Iran. (Najafpoor, MS, 2015)

Publications: (books)
1. Comparative histology (Publisher; Nashre Parto Vagherh, 2006)
2. Cell and Molecular Biology (1,2) (Publisher; Nevisaneh, 2010)
Publication participation: (papers)
1. Repeated plucking and proliferative activity of follicle epidermal cells-significance for follicle cycle control, 1999
2. In vivo induction of hair growth by dermal cells isolated from hair follicles after extended organ culture, J. Investigative Dermatology, 2001
3. Plasticity of hair follicle dermal cells in wound healing and induction. Experimental Dermatology, 2003
4. Study of expression of α-SMA in dermal cells of skin appendages by Immunohistochemistry. J. Cell & Tissue, 2012 (in Persian)
5. A Survey of Attachment and Proliferative Characteristics of Different Population of Hair Follicle Epithelial Cells in Culture. J. Cell & Tissue, 2012 (in Persian)
6. Revelation of Replicative Capability of Hair Follicle Germinative Epidermal Cells after Repeated Plucking: Implications for Stem Cells and Hair Growth Cycle Control. J. Cell & Tissue, 2012 (in Persian)
7. Biometry and histometry of ovary in Lori sheep. Iranian Veterinary J. 2012, (in Persian)
8. Spermatogenesis timing in a population of Ophisops elegans (Sauria; Lacertidae) western Iran. Asiatic Herp. Res. 2008
9. Morphological und okologische aspecte von Tropiocolotus helenae (Nikolsky, 1907), Sauria, 2008
10. Morphology and histology of interdigital gland in an Iranian native breed of sheep. J. Anim. Vet. Adv. 2009
11. Morphology and histology of digestive system in Iran’s cave fish. Iranian Vet. J. 2009 (In Persian)
12. Effect of sex on histological characteristis of variuos area of skin in an Iranian native breed of sheep. . J. Anim. Vet. Adv. 2008
13. Bescheibung eines neuen Asaus (Sauria, Phyllodactylidae) aus dem Iran. Sauria, 2011
14. Gekos of the genera Tropiocolotes and Asacus in the Zagros mountains, Iran. Gekko, 2011
15. Morphometry of cervix in Lori sheep. Iranian Vet. J. 2011 (in Persian)
16. Micromass culture for cartilage differentiation. Yakhteh, 2006
17. Histomorphometry of vomeronasal in the snake, Eirenis collaris. Res. J. Biol. Sci. 2006
18. Cartilage differentiation of fibroblasts isolated from NMRI mice bone marrow. Iranian J. anatomy, 2006 (in Persian)
19. A new record of Eremias montanus Rastegar pouyani & Rastegar-pouyani, 2001 Sauria: Lacertidae) from kurdistan prvince, western Iran. Amphi. Rept. Conserv. 2012
20. The lizard fauna of kurdistan province, western Iran. Iranian journal of animal biosystematic. 2012
21. Age detremination by skeletochronlogy in Rana ridibunda. Asi. J. Exp. Sci. 2012
22. A skeletochronological estimation of age structure in a population of the Bufo viridis in central Zagros, Iran, Asi. J. Exp. Sci. 2012
23. Study of color polymorphism in the marsh frog Rana ridibunda in Golestan province. Iranian J. Biology. 2012 (in Persian)
24. An investigation on reproductive biology of Rana macrocnemis pseusdodalmatina (Amphibia, Anura) in Golestan Province. Res. J. Esfahan Univ. 2008, (in Persian)
25. A study of embryonic stages and metamorphosis in the jungle frog (Rana macrocnemis pseudodalmatina) in Golestan Province. . Res. J. Esfahan Univ. 2008, (in Persian)
26. Morphological traits of salamader (Neuregus kaiseri) with an emphasis on reproduction in female.J. Exp. Zool. Ind, 2009
27. A study on spermatogenesis process in Laudakia caucasia. Sci. J. Kharazmi Univ. 2012 (in Persian)
28. Histomorphometry of Urogenital system of Iran’s cave fish, Animal Environment, 2012 (in Persian)
29. Morphology and histology of germinal bed in the lacertid lizard, Acanthodactylus boskianus. Res. J. Anim. Sci. 2012
30. A study on fish fauna of Beidovaz river, Esfarayen. J. Anim. Biol. 2012 (in Persian)
31. Age determination in the snake-eyed lizard, Acanthodactylus biskianus by means of skeletochronology, Zoology in the Middle east, 2013
32. Cloacal anatomy and histology of Boscs fringe-toad lizard, Acathodactylus boskianus. Asi. J. Exp. Biol. Sci. 2013
33. Anatomical and histological study of excretory system in the Bosc’s fringed-toed lizard, Acathodactylus boskianus. Asi. J. Anim. Sci. 2013
34. Comparison of structural, cell culture and inductive features of feather and hair follicles components. J. cell & tissue. 2013 (in Persian)
35. Monthly differences in spermatogenesis process in a population of March Frog, Pelophylax ridibundus. J. cell & tissue. 2013 (in Persian)
36. Histological studies on the vomeronasal organ of the Worm-like Snake Typhlops vermicularis. J. Biol. Sci. 2013 (in Persian)
37. Degenerative effects of the venoum of Echis cariatis on Live and lung tissues of birds. J. Anim. Biol. 2013 (in Persian)
38. 38. A preliminary study on ectoparasites of some lizards in Ilam province. J. Anim. Environment. 2013 (in Persian)
39. Genetic variation of different population of the Gecko, Cyrtopodion scabrum in some parts of Iranian Plateau. J. anim. Environment. 2013 (in Persian)
40. A biosystematic study on lizards fauna of the south east regions of Kermanshah. Taxonomy & Biosystematic, 2014
41. Comparison of age structure in two Makhmalkoh’s anuran populations by means of skeletochronology. Iranian J. Biol. 2014 (in Persian)
42. A new record of Eremias strauchi strauchi Kessler, 1878 (Sauria: Lacertidae) fromKurdistan Province, Western Iran, IJAB, 2014
43. The Study of Monthly Changes in Spermatogenesis Process of Lizard Laudakia nupta Inhabiting Zagros Mountains. Exp. Anim. Biol. 2014 (in persian)
44. The amphibian fauna of Kurdistan Province, Western Iran. Amphi. & Rept. Conserv. 2014
45. First record of Apathya cappadocica muhtari (Eiselt, 1979) (Sauria: Lacertidae) in Iran with its natural history and distribution. Amphi. & Rept. Conserv. 2014
46. Assessment of phytochemical and antioxidant properties of Capparis spinosa in Kuzestan province. JQUMS, 2015
47. Structural and ultrastructural comparison of hair and feather follicles. Nova. Biol. Reperta, 2015 (in Persian)

National and International Refereed Conferences:
1. Biometry and histomorphometry of ovaries in an iranian native breed of sheep: In  XVII cogress of mediterrannean federation for health and production of ruminants, Italy, 2009
2. Morphology and histology of ovary in the lacertid lizard, Acantodactylus boskianus : In Joint meeting of Anatomical sciences, Turkey, 2011
3. Histology and ultrastructure of feather follicles in a flying bird, Columbia livia. In Joint meeting of Anatomical sciences, Turkey, 2011
4. Anatomy and histology of vomeronasal organ in the snake, Eirenis corallis: In 2011
5. Hair follicle dermal cells in skin replacement: In The 10th EHRS Meeting (European hair research society ), Spain, 2003
6. Geographic dispersal of lizards in Lorestan Province: In 11th national conference of Iran’s Biology, Oromia, 2003
7. Histology and morphology of urinary system in Iran’s cave fish. 2nd conference of animal sciences. 2007
8. Study of digestive system in Iran’s cave fish. 15th national conference of Iran’s Biology, Tehran, 2008
9. Histology of Gonads and population ratio in Gamarus paethicus. The First conference of Cell and developmental biology, 2008
10. Histology of ovary and oviduct in the salamander, Neurergus kaiseri. 11th national conference of Iran’s Biology, Tehran, 2008
11. A study of reproductive biology on the forest frog, Rana macrocnemis in Golestan province. 15th national conference of Iran’s Biology, Tehran, 2008
12. A study of spermatogeneis process in Laudakia caucasia. In 9th conference of Iran’s Anatomy, Hamedan, 2010
13. Determination of age by means of skeletochronology in Rana ridibunda. In 9th conference of Iran’s Anatomy, Hamedan, 2010
14. The proliferative capability of epidermal cells isolated from hair follicle in cell culture: In 11th national conference of Iran’s Biology, Oromia, 2003
15. The properties of dermal cells derived from rat’s nail bed using cell culture and immunohistochemistry; In 10th congress of Iranian Anatomical Science, Rasht, 2012
16. Anatomical and histological study of reproductive system in Acanthodactylus boskianus: In 10th congress of Iranian Anatomical Science, Rasht, 2012
17. Symbiotic relations between ectoparasites and lizards in Mehran: In The 17th National and 5th International Iranian Biology Conference, 2012
18. Determination of age in a population of the lizard, Ophisops elegans by mean of skeletochronology: In The 17th National and 5th International Iranian Biology Conference. 2012
19. Morphology and histology of cloaco-vaginal complex in lizard of Acanthodactylus boskianus: In The 17th National and 5th International Iranian Biology Conference, 2012
20. Morphology and histology of Urogenital system in Neurergus keiseri: In The first national conference of histology in aquatics, Khorramshahr, 2012
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