Razi University History


Razi University started its activity as the Faculty of Science, by the late Dr. Abdul Ali Goya in the city of Kermanshah, which is one of the country's cool weather zones in the west of country. The center was renamed Razi University in 1353  and at the beginning of the academic year 1971-1973, the Faculty of Sciences began its activities with the admission of 200 students in four majors including physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. After the glorious Islamic Revolution and considering the transcendental goals of the revolution, the socio-cultural development of the deprived areas was promoted by the establishment of the Teacher Training Faculty of Sanandaj and the Ilam Faculty of Animal Husbandry. In 1991, the Sanandaj Faculty of Teacher Training, and the Ilam Faculty of Animal Husbandry, separated from the University of Razi and integrated into Kurdistan University and Ilam University respectively.

Razi University currently has 10 faculties and campuses in agriculture and natural resources and utilizes 10 specialist professors, 49 associate professors, 250 assistant professors, 46 instructors, and a total of 355 faculty members in 39 educational groups and 12347 students in four levels of Associate degree, Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.



                                                                                                                          Biography of the Founder of the University  

Dr. Abdolali Goya was born in Qom in 1921 BC. But in the very first years of his life, he moved to Kermanshah with his family and settled there. He completed his elementary and secondary education in this city and in 1938, after obtaining a secondary school diploma in mathematics, he went to Tehran to continue his education and received his degree in physics and chemistry at the Faculty of Science, University of Tehran.

In 1941, he was awarded a bachelor's degree in physics and chemistry and then went to Hamedan to teach. After three years of teaching in Hamadan, he returned to Tehran and in addition to teaching in high schools in Tehran and several colleges and universities, he obtained his Bachelor's degree in law in 1947, as well as a Master's degree in physics. He, then, travelled to France in 1960 to pursue his higher education and returned to Tehran after getting a doctorate degree in mathematical physics in 1963.

After returning to Tehran, he started teaching physics at the Faculties of Science and Medical Sciences at Mashhad University and astronomy and physics at the Faculty of Theology. His method of teaching at the Faculty of Theology was such that he always moved from the astronomy and physics to religious discussions which were completely new and the students of the time at the Faculty of Theology still remember the memories of that time after many years.

In 1971, he missioned to set up the faculty of science and several other faculties in Kermanshah (his home city), therefore, he should be called the founder of Razi University.

In 1979, due to his long-standing religious background in Tehran, Mashhad and Kermanshah, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, he was appointed to the management of the National Library and Museum of Malek in Tehran by the official authority of Astan Quds Razavi, And finally, he passed away on October 9, 1995.



                                  Presidents of Razi University from the beginning up to now




Start Date

End Date


Dr. Abdolali Goya

Atomic Physics

24 Jan 1973

14 Mar 1974


Dr. Fereidoun Motamed


3 March 1974

4 Mar 1979


Dr. Mozaffar Asadi


5 March 1979

20 May 1981


Dr. Mohammad Hossein Azarmnia


13 June 1981

31 Aug 1981


Dr. Hossein Ali Kuhestani

Educational Sciences

1 Sep 1981

10 Oct 1986


Dr. Ali Akbar Najafi -


11 Oct 1986

6 Feb 1988


Ali Akbar Rajabi


17 Feb 1988

19 Nov 1993


Mohammad Mehdi Khodaei

Organic Chemistry

20 Nov 1993

3 Feb 1998


Dr. Morteza Mamooei


4 Feb 1998

12 Oct 2001


Dr. Mohammad Reza Zamani


13 Oct 2001

31 Dec 2003


Dr. Ezatollah Farshadfar

Plant Sciences

1 Jan 2004

25 July 2007


Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Khodaei

Organic Chemistry

26 July 2007

6 April 2104


Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Alamali Allah

Mechanical Engineering

6 April 2014