Razi University Council Members

Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Aalami-Aleagha          President of University

Hojatoleslam Mohsen Ghalandari Member of University Council

Dr. Farzad Veysi      vice-chancellor Research and Technology

Dr. Fardin Abdali Mohammadi  vice-chancellor  Finance and Administration

Dr. Gholamreza Salemian  vice-chancellor  Academic

Dr. Tahmasb Alipouriani          vice-chancellor  Cultural

Dr. Mohsen Saeedi   vice-chancellor  Students

Dr. Yasser Shahbazi   Advisor to the President of the University

Dr. Soheila Kashanian                   Head of the Faculty of Chemistry

Dr. Abdolali Chalechale      Head of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Hossein Eydi                  Head of the Faculty of Physical Education

Dr. Sohrab Delangizan                    Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Sajad Dadfar                  Security Manager

Dr. Esmaeil Mirzaei             Supervisor of Songhor Agricultural School

Dr. Fariborz Peirou    Head of Engineering Faculty of Engineering Islamabad

Dr. Nooraldin Yousefi                 Head of Javanrod Faculty of Management and Accounting

Dr. Amir Rajabzade             Head of Faculty of New Technologies

Dr. Mojtaba Biglari               Head of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities

Dr. Keyvan Amini                 Head of the Faculty of Science

Dr. Mohsen Hayati               Head of the Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Shahab Ghazi                Head of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dr. Jahangir Khazaei                      Head of the Development Plans Bureau

Dr. Amjad Maleki                 Head of the Shahed Students

Dr. Mojtaba Shamsipour                Member of University Council

Dr. Farokh Kafilzade                       Member of University Council

Dr. Sohrab Delangizan                   Member of University Council


Description of the tasks of the University Council

- Review and approve new courses and courses and its proposal for submission to the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education
 • Review and approve short-term educational and research programs
 - Examine the methods of cooperation with the governmental and non-governmental institutions and formulate criteria for it
 - Annually review the university's scientific facilities (manpower and equipment) and identify deficiencies and classify scientific needs and take action to meet them
 - Planning student admissions based on university facilities according to the country's development plan
 - Examine the issues that are on the agenda of the Council by the President of the University
 - Investigate the educational and research problems of the university and provide the necessary solutions
 - Overall evaluation of university performance
 - Review and approve the plans and programs of the specialized councils
 - Adoption and approval of the internal rules of procedure of the Council and approval of the Rules of Procedure of the internal committees of the Council