Vice-President, Finance and Administration


Dr. Mehrdad Niaparast Finance and Administration

Email:  niaparast [AT]


1- Notification of all approvals, regulations and bylaws issued by the President of the University to the relevant units and monitoring and supervising the proper implementation.
2. Proposing qualified persons to take up management positions in the field of Vice President of the University,
Supervise affiliated units to ensure that their duties are properly implemented
3. Planning, setting up activities, and proposing the annual budget of the Vice President in accordance with the University's priorities,
4. Collaborate with other departments to better implement university programs
5. Manage and supervise the proper administration of all administrative, financial and civil affairs of the University, in accordance with the relevant regulations, regulations and bylaws,
6. Addressing the executive goals of the university and guiding and supervising the workflow and working procedures of the various units.
7. Monitoring the allocation of appropriations to the various units based on the detailed budget approved by the Board of Trustees and other applicable laws and regulations of the University and reporting
8. Determine the status of the university by identifying strengths, bottlenecks, problems, and opportunities Threats to identify proposed strategies
9-Providing necessary reports to the President of the University on the duties of the units under review,
10. Gathering and completing the required information based on the university's comprehensive plan and planning and proposing an annual budget and carrying out all activities necessary to implement the university's development plans.
Perform major repairs to restore and maintain existing buildings and facilities.
11. Establishing a Committee for the Development of Executive Procedures to Optimize the System of Administrative Interactions between Subsidiaries in Cooperation with Other University Departments.
12. Establishing a process of revenue recognition and proper control over the financial cycle to prepare financial management reports to establish financial discipline in various departments of the university, and
Develop appropriate administrative procedures for the maintenance of university buildings and equipment for the maintenance and maintenance of national university funds.