Vice-President, Students


Dr. Mohsen Saeidi Deputy of Students

Email: msaeidi[AT]



1- Performing services related to providing services to students in the field of welfare (loans, nutrition, accommodation, insurance, construction of cultural centers, etc.) and other academic facilities upon request
2. Performing activities related to the provision of student services in the field of sports activities and other academic fields
3-Performing related matters in the field of health care, counseling and other academic affairs
Conducting Student Services for Non-Iranian Students in the Welfare, Sport, Therapeutic and Educational Dimensions
4- Scientific approach and approach on removing obstacles and problems, responding to students' welfare demands and consulting with relevant authorities for decision making and implementation.
5. Maintaining and adhering to the rules and regulations of the student body and emphasizing the implementation of the principles of the five-year vision system, the Fifth Development Plan Act and the Student Subsidy Targeting Act, which are among the core policies of the Student Affairs Organization. And the ministry's welfare fund.
6- Supervising the units (Student Affairs - Dormitories - Physical Education - Department of Health and Care of Non-Iranian Students) in order to ensure the proper execution of duties.
7. Outsourcing of welfare services with the aim of reducing tenure in the Nutrition and Housing Administration
8. Increasing the level of satisfaction of the esteemed sections of the university (professors, students and staff) by improving the quality and quantity of activities
9. Planning for student extracurricular activities through physical education management, health and dormitory administration, and interaction with other units.
10. Secretary of the Special Cases Commission (with an approach to safeguarding the laws and regulations, making a serious effort to avoid the educational process and the pathology of the students' filing with the Commission)
11. Membership in University Council
12. Membership in the Cultural Council
13. Membership in the Staff of Martyr and Sacrifice Students Affairs
14. Membership in the Student Disciplinary Committee
15. Performing missions assigned by the dean or board of directors