Vice-President, Research


Dr. Farzad Veysi Deputy of Research

Department of Mechanic, Faculty of Engineering

Email: veysi[AT]



1- Developing a comprehensive research plan and conducting all the university's research affairs and coordinating the activities of the affiliated units.
2- Orientation of academic research for scientific, economic, industrial, agricultural and medical purposes.
3 - Coordinate university research programs with ministries
4- Preparing and reviewing and proposing various research regulations and monitoring its implementation
5. Strengthening the University's financial strength by reviewing and implementing research plans and programs recommended by the government or the private sector.
6. Equipping and expanding the laboratories of colleges
7. Developing relationships between domestic and foreign universities to engage them in research, student exchange and teaching.
, Holding scientific seminars and conferences
8. Holding various seminars and conferences in cooperation with the colleges
9. Conducting studies and planning necessary to evaluate university research activities
10. Establishment of well-equipped and advanced research centers in the university for conducting and expanding fundamental research - applied to meet the needs of the country.
11. Directing and supervising the affairs of the Computer and Information Center, Office of Applied Research and Technology, the Center for Scientific Works and Library Management, and the Management of Research and Laboratory Affairs.
12. Collaborating with the Research Assistant of the colleges for the provision of internal and external scientific books and journals
Distribution and allocation of study opportunities to outstanding students
13- Supervising the preparation and arrangement of research topics for theses of students and research works of faculty members
14. Planning to extend the participation of faculty members in the program of sending out study opportunities to domestic and foreign scientific institutions to meet the country's scientific and research needs.
15. Creating the necessary conditions for the participation of faculty members and students in academic communities inside and outside the country
16. Overseeing the setting up and implementation of research contracts between universities, ministries, and other public and private institutions.
17- Budgeting and estimation of the Vice President of Research and Technology and submitting it to the Office of Planning and Budget
Preparing monthly and annual reports of the Vice Chancellor for submission to the Presidency of the University, Ministry of Science and Technology and other institutions
18. Creating the necessary conditions for the participation of faculty and students in scientific, national and international festivals
19. Undertaking university patents and pursuing related matters
20. Tracking intellectual property issues of university researchers
21. Necessary studies in the field of evaluation of research activities and evaluation of annual research performance of the university
22. Laboratory Safety Policy
23. Creation of Safety, Environment and Health Council
24. Guiding and supervising all matters related to safety, environment and health and prevention of unsafe activities at the university
25- Perform other duties assigned by the university department