Board of Trustees

Members of Board of Trustees based on the autonomy of universities and the law for the formation of board of trustees and higher education and research institutions include: Minister of Science, Research and Technology, President of University, 4 to 6 scientific, cultural or social personalities who have an effective role in the development and expansion of university and head or representative of Management and Planning Organization.


:Description of the duties of the board of trustees

- Approval of local by-laws for board of trustees

- Review and approve the university budget proposed by the university president

- Approve the annual detailed university budget

- Approving the university's annual accounts and balance sheets

- Determining how the property is maintained and examining how to monitor and concentrate the movable and immovable property accounts of the University

- Determining the way of receiving and consuming public grants, subject to Article 27 of the University Financial and Trading Regulations

- Approve the administrative and organizational structure of the university according to the relevant rules

- Approve the way in which dedicated revenues are collected and used

- Appointment of auditor and treasurer for the university

- Attempts to attract private sector and local revenues, including cash, equipment and construction, in accordance with relevant regulations.

- Approval of the Financial and Trading Regulations, as applicable after approval by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

- Suggesting the extraordinary payment for the faculty members and non-faculty members and reviewing the university report which is presented by the President of Razi University.

- Determine how the units of production, services, workshops and health are managed within the framework of the rules approved by the Cabinet.

- Determining the amount of payment for research, teaching, translation, copyright and the like

- Review the detailed university report submitted by the university presidency

- Adopt the rules of employment of faculty members of the university who are capable of coordinating with the approval of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

- In cases where the subject requires expert reviews, a board of trustees and relevant experts from the ministry and university form the permanent committee of trustees.


Board of Trustees of Razi and Industrial Universities

(Dr. Mansour Gholami (Minister of Science, Research and Technology and Head of Board of Trustees
(Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Aalami Aleagha, (Razi University Secretary and Secretary of the Board of Trustees
(Dr. Abdolreza Bagheri (Deputy Minister and Head of Center for Trustees and Boards
(Dr. Ali Akbar Akhtari, (President of Kermanshah University of Technology and Board Member
Ayatollah Mahmoud Mohammadi Iraqi (Kermanshah People's Representative in the Assembly of Experts and Board Member)
(Engineer Houshang Basvand (Kermanshah Governor and Board of Trustees
(Dr. Ali Kermanshah (Faculty Member of Sharif University of Technology and Member of Board of Trustees
(Dr. Morteza Mamouee (Adviser to the Secretary of Trustees and the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Trustees
(Dr. Fereydoon Noorikhah, (representative of Management and Planning Organization
(Dr. Mojtaba Shamsipour (Faculty of Razi University and Board of Trustees
(Engineer Mohammad Hussein Moghimi (Member of Board of Trustees
(Dr. Ahmad Turknejad (Trustees of the Trust
(Dr. Ramezanali Abouzadeh, (Secretary of the Board of Trustees