Facts and Figures


Razi University started in February in Kermanshah, which is one of the western climate regions of the country under the title of "Abdul Ali Goya", Faculty of Science. This center was renamed Razi University in year 4, at the beginning of the year. An academic year at the Faculty of Science began with the admission of six students in four disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. After the glorious Islamic Revolution and due to the high goals of the revolution on the socio-cultural development of the deprived areas, it was upgraded by the Faculty of Education of Sanandaj and Ilam Animal Training School. Transformed and separated from Razi University.

Razi University currently has 4 faculties and campuses in Agriculture and Natural Resources and utilizes the knowledge and expertise of 3 professors, 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor, 2 instructors, and a total of 4 faculty members in 4 educational departments and 4 students in four levels. Associate, BS, Masters and PhDs continue their activities.


Basic statistics

2 Campuses

Central campus: In kermanshah

Number of Colleges: 12


Faculty Members 

Number of Faculty: 452 person


Enrolled Students 

Number of students: 12516 students

Number of alumni from year 2009 to year 2018: 39490

Undergraduate Degree: 73 field

Master's Degree Number: 144 field

Doctoral Degree: 69 field

Number of international students: 112 person



Number of Employees: