President of University

President of the University
Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Aalami-Aleagha

Position: President of Razi University of Kermanshah
Education: PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Academic Ranking: Associate Professor
chancellor[at] , me_aalami_aleagha[at]

phone: +98-8334274501-2


fax: +98-8334274503



- Supervising appropriate conduct of educational, research, cultural, student, administrative , financial, developmental, scientific services and all national and international communications of the university and the coordination of different units and accountability to the competent authorities.

- Determining the university's administrative policies in terms of scientific, educational and research guidelines

- Leading cultural, educational, research, administrative, financial, and developmental activities of the university

- Submitting the university's annual report to the board of trustees

- Supervising appropriate performance of the university's current activities and tracking possible mistakes and misconduct and referring them to competent authorities.

- Being responsible for the university's finance and administration within the limits of the approved regulations

- Selection and dismissal of members of the board of directors (observing Notes 1 and 2 of Article 4) and deans of faculties, institutes and affiliated units and heads of educational groups, in accordance with the relevant criteria


-Implementation of the regulation and circulars issued by the Ministry.

- Proposing policies, goals, and guidelines  to the board of  trustees
-Submitting the  proposal for  the establishment, development, dissolution and integration of units to the university council.

- Submitting the proposal for scientific cooperation with other internal and external educational or research institutes to the university council.

- Legal representation of the university with the competent authorities.

- Supervising the discipline of the university (faculty members,  students, staff) according to the rules and regulations.

- Proposing the organizational chart and necessary administrative reforms (in coordination with the university's board of directors) to the board of trustees for the administration of internal affairs of the university.

-Submitting  proposal of the annual budget of the university (in coordination with the board of directors) to the board of trustees.

- Submitting proposals for the distribution and allocation of study opportunities and short internal and external educational and research courses that are awarded to the educational and research members of the faculty of (in coordination with the board of directors) to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

- Efforts to improve and organize activities in line with relevant criteria.

- Being responsible for other university undertakings which are an integral part of the duties of the president of the university, in accordance with the rules and regulations for the administration of affairs.

- Counseling the clients and implementation of programs for clients' direct contact with the university authorities through correspondence, comment and suggestion box, question and answer sessions, and etc.